A Top US Official Resigns Over US’ Gaza Policy Amid Growing Student Protests

Fri Apr 26 2024
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WASHINGTON: US State Department’s spokesperson for the Middle East and North Africa, Hala Rharrit, has resigned in protest of America’s policy on Gaza — at least the third high-profile resignation from the department, as pro-Palestinian demonstrations are taking place at university campuses across the USA.

Before, Annelle Sheline and Josh Paul also left the State Department. And earlier, Tariq Habash from the US Education Department also tendered resignation. A lot of people are criticizing the United States for supporting Israel too much. They say Israel has destroyed many Palestinians and made life really hard for them.

A large number of students from across the Washington have gathered to express solidarity with Palestinians amid the war on Gaza and asked to end Israel’s human rights abuses in the Gaza Strip.

The students were also holding banners and play cards and were chanting slogans of “free Palestine”. A large number of students of Georgetown University have arrived at a protest at the neighbouring George Washington University (GW) campus.


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