AI Could Provide Company to People Experiencing Loneliness

Tue May 28 2024
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SHEFFIELD: Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology might be a big help in fighting loneliness, which can make people really sick, robotics expert Tony Prescott said.  He’s from the University of Sheffield, UK, and he talks about this in his new book called “The Psychology of Artificial Intelligence.”

Tony explains that talking to AI could be like having a friend. When people feel lonely, they start feeling more and more alone as they lose confidence. Tony thinks AI could stop this from happening and help people get better at talking to others. He said that even though lots of people feel lonely, having AI friends could be a good thing because it feels personal and interesting. AI friends could help boost people’s self-esteem and help them get better at talking to others.

In his book, Tony talks about how the human brain works and how it’s different from how AI works. He said that by studying both psychology and AI, they can learn a lot about how their brains and AI can become even smarter.

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