Amir Khan’s £11.5m Luxury Wedding Venue Finally Hosts Guests

Thu May 23 2024
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BOLTON: After numerous delays, Amir Khan’s extravagant £11.5 million wedding venue has finally hosted its first marriage ceremony. The grand “Dubai-style” Bolton Tower made its debut recently with a spectacular celebration, marking the special day for its inaugural bride and groom in lavish style.

The famous boxer Amir Khan could not attend the grand opening due to his engagements. Dubbed “The Balmayna,” the venue, located near a car wash and a fly-tipping spot, had previously faced criticism for its office building-like appearance and being labelled “tacky.”

In January 2024, the venue was surrounded by broken fridges, sofas, and dirty mattresses, sparking local outrage. One person remarked, “The venue is surrounded by walls, but the area outside is littered with fly-tipping. It’s terrible and needs to be cleaned up. There are black bin bags overflowing with rubbish, along with old mattresses and broken furniture.”

However, wedding photos showed that the staff had promptly resolved these issues, highlighting the building’s opulent marble floors and chandeliers. A Balmayna spokesperson commented, “The first love story at Balmayna. So elegant, so magical, simply a dream. We wish our groom and bride the happiest of blessings. Such a stunning backdrop for your memories.”

The venue, which began development in 2013, has taken much longer to complete than expected. Amir Khan initially invested £5 million and later added more funds, citing “unprofessional management” for the delays. It is now open for weddings, it promises a “royal experience” and “a touch of magnificence and excellence in every celebration.”

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