ANF Operations Yield Significant Drug Seizures Nationwide

Thu May 16 2024
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RAWALPINDI: The Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) has reported successful operations across the country, resulting in the seizure of 32 kilograms of drugs and the apprehension of four individuals involved in drug trafficking. According to a statement from ANF Headquarters, the operations targeted various locations, leading to substantial drug recoveries and arrests.

In one operation conducted at a courier office in Rawalpindi, ANF officials intercepted a parcel destined for Italy and discovered 320 grams of Ice concealed within. Additionally, in Hayatabad Peshawar, law enforcement personnel apprehended an individual in possession of 12 kilograms of hashish, while another suspect was arrested near Lakeview Park Islamabad with 9.6 kilograms of hashish.

In a separate operation near Wagah in Lahore, ANF officers seized nine kilograms of heroin from an individual believed to be involved in drug smuggling activities. Furthermore, near Babu Sabu Interchange Lahore, authorities intercepted a smuggler carrying 1.2 kilograms of hashish and 270 grams of opium.

The arrested individuals have been charged under the Anti-Narcotics Act, and further investigations into their illicit activities are underway. These operations signify ANF’s continued efforts to combat drug trafficking and disrupt the illegal drug trade across the country.

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