Angelina Jolie Kids Planning ‘Public Humiliation’ for Brad Pitt: Report

Wed Jul 10 2024
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LONDON: Brad Pitt is reportedly grappling with fears of public humiliation as his relationship with his children, particularly amidst his divorce from Angelina Jolie, remains strained.

According to In Touch Weekly, sources close to Pitt said that the actor is deeply concerned about his children possibly turning against him and airing their grievances publicly. “This is a dark cloud hanging over Brad’s head,” an insider shared.

The report underscores that while Pitt may have legal recourse to manage issues with Jolie through his lawyers, he feels powerless when it comes to his own children. “Brad can muzzle Angelina with his lawyers, but he can’t muzzle his own kids,” the insider noted.

The source also raised concerns about the future actions of Pitt’s children, suggesting that despite their current silence, they might choose to speak out eventually. “They’ve stayed totally quiet so far, but at some point down the line it’s very plausible that they’re going to want to tell their side of the story,” the insider warned. “There’s nothing to stop them from doing it.”

The prospect of a potential tell-all from his children is described as Pitt’s “worst nightmare” and “ultimate humiliation,” as per the insider’s claims. The source said that Pitt would have no choice but to endure any revelations his children might make about their experiences.

Furthermore, the insider painted a picture of Pitt being in a challenging position, unable to engage with his children on the matter without potentially exacerbating the situation. “It’s not like he can even try and talk to them about it because that could only make things worse,” the source said.

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