Beijing Warns Taiwan’s President Pushing Island Towards ‘War’

Fri May 24 2024
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BEIJING: China has warned that Taiwan’s leadership was pushing the island into “a perilous situation of danger and war” and that it would go “further” if provoked, as China conducted military exercises around the territory.

“Since assuming office, the leader of the Taiwan has seriously challenged the one-China principle… pushing our compatriots in Taiwan into a perilous situation of danger and war,” China’s defence ministry spokesman Wu Qian said in a statement.

Wu said that this is purely playing with fire, and those elements who play with fire will get themselves burnt. Chinese fighter jets and warships surrounded Taiwan on Friday in the second day of military exercises that China said were testing its ability to seize the island, days following its new president was sworn in.

And Wu also warned that it would take further measures if troops pushing for Taiwan’s independence provoked Beijing. He further said that they will push their countermeasures one step further, until the complete reunification of the “motherland” is achieved.

Earlier, China’s military exercises around Taiwan are “concerning” but not unexpected, US Indo-Pacific Command deputy commander Lieutenant General Stephen Sklenka said on Thursday.

The US General said that they were expecting it, adding, “It is concerning.” The General made these remarks in Canberra. He said, “Just because we expect that behavior does not mean we that we should not denounce it and we should condemn it publicly.” The General said that other countries should also raise voice over the development.

The general told the reporters that it was one thing when Washington denounces Beijing, but there is a far more powerful effect, when regional nations also follow the US.

Sklenka further said he believed the “target” of China’s drills was its own domestic population, not the international community.

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