Belgium to Ban ‘Extremist’ Israeli Settlers from Country

Thu Dec 07 2023
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BRUSSELS: Belgium’s Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has said that Brussels will “work with the United States on sanctions targeting people involved in acts that undermine security, peace, and stability” in the occupied West Bank, Arab media reported on Wednesday.

According to Arab media, around 10 Palestinian people have been killed by Israeli settlers since the war started in the Gaza Strip. As per media reports, 6 people were killed in the village of Qusra, one in Dura el-Kari’a and 1 in Ras Karkar, near Ramallah; 1 in Sawaya, and one in Qarawat Bani Hassan, near Salfit.

In a rare disciplinary move against Israel, the US said earlier, it would impose travel bans on extremist settlers implicated in a rash of recent assaults on Palestinian people in the occupied West Bank, Western media reported.

Belgium Says It will Bann Extremist Israeli Settlers from Country

In a statement, the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said ” The State Department is executing a new visa restriction policy targeting people to have been involved in undermining security, peace, or stability in the occupied West Bank, including through carrying out acts of violence or taking other acts that unduly restrict civilian population access to essential services and basic necessities,”.

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Blinken made the announcement following repeatedly warning Israel earlier that Biden’s administration would be taking measures over the assaults. The US Secretary of State said that family members of such individuals also may be subject to these restrictions.

Some analysts said that Washington is making attempt to portray the violence in the occupied West Bank as one committed by “extremist” Israeli settlers while also turning a blind eye to the Israeli military’s intensified assaults, executions, incursions, and destructions over the past two months.

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