Bella Hadid Slams World Govts for Lack of Empathy Towards Palestinians

Thu May 16 2024
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LONDON: Renowned model Bella Hadid has once again voiced her staunch support for Palestine, taking to Instagram on Nakba Day to condemn the ongoing suffering of the Palestinian people and criticize world governments for their lack of empathy towards their plight.

As the child of a Nakba survivor and grandchild of grandparents who endured the Nakba, Hadid emphasized the importance of acknowledging and ending the pain and suffering inflicted upon Palestinians. She recounted her family’s personal experiences, highlighting the theft of their home by refugees they had hosted, a story echoed by many Palestinians.

Expressing devastation over the ongoing Israeli brutality faced by Palestinians, Hadid denounced the lack of empathy from governments worldwide. She called for leaders to “do better” or “get out of office”. She urged world leaders not to become desensitized to the horrific realities faced by Palestinians on a daily basis.

Drawing attention to the human cost of the conflict, Hadid implored her followers to imagine the suffering of their own loved ones if they were in the same situation. She emphasized the importance of empathy and understanding the pain of living through genocide, deprivation of basic rights, and consistent military occupation.

In her post, Hadid highlighted the significance of Nakba Day, which commemorates the mass displacement and expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their land by Jewish settlers. She condemned Israel’s violence in Gaza, which has resulted in millions being displaced and the loss of thousands of lives, including men, women, and children.

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