Boycott Zara: Social Media Users Slam Fashion Brand for Mocking Misery of Palestinians

Sun Dec 10 2023
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ISLAMABAD: Renowned Pakistani actress Ushna Shah has taken a firm stance against international fashion brand Zara, criticizing its recent photoshoot that mocks the misery of innocent Palestinians amidst Israeli military brutalities.

Ushna Shah questioned whether existing Zara clothes should be discarded and announced her decision to stop shopping at the brand. She also called for a boycott of the fashion brand.

In response to Zara’s controversial photoshoot, which included images reminiscent of Palestinians’ burial shrouds and an upside-down map of Palestine, Ushna Shah expressed her disapproval on social media.

The photoshoot, deleted by the brand after backlash, faced criticism for its insensitivity amid the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Netizens Launch Boycott Zara Campaign

The images featured small bodies wrapped in white cloth, resembling burial shrouds, along with other elements referencing the Palestinian tragedy. Netizens condemned Zara for its ill-timed campaign, considering the high death toll in Gaza, with over 17,700 Palestinians, including more than 7,000 children, martyred due to the Israeli bombardments.

Ushna Shah, known for her vocal support for Palestine, previously highlighted the misinformation campaign by Western media aiming to suppress the Palestinian genocide. Social media platforms have been flooded with posts condemning Zara’s photoshoot, with users expressing their disgust and calling for a boycott.

Zara’s attempt to use imagery related to the ongoing conflict in Gaza for marketing purposes has sparked widespread criticism.


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