Cannes Film Festival to Showcase Pakistani Hit ‘The Chronicles of Umro Ayyar’

Tue May 21 2024
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CANNES: Pakistan’s 3D-animated film “The Chronicles of Umro Ayyar” is set to be showcased at the prestigious 77th Cannes Film Festival, according to an announcement by its producers, Ingenuity Production. Haris Basharat, the CEO of the production company, emphasized the film’s compelling storytelling and the cinematic talent emerging from Pakistan.

“The Chronicles of Umro Ayyar” is an adventure fantasy that follows the legendary trickster Umro Ayyar as he navigates through time and magical realms. The film shows themes of unity and the power of bonds that transcend gender, class, age, and personality, offering a narrative that resonates with universal values.

Basharat expressed strong confidence in the film’s ability to captivate global audiences with its stunning visuals and engaging story. He sees this as a significant opportunity to showcase the potential of Pakistan’s animation industry on an international platform, demonstrating its capacity to produce high-quality, imaginative content that can compete on the world stage.

The inclusion of “The Chronicles of Umro Ayyar” at the Cannes Film Festival is a milestone for Pakistan’s film industry, reflecting its growing prowess and the innovative spirit driving its creators. This achievement does not only highlight the country’s cultural richness but also its advancing technological capabilities in the realm of animation.

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