China Opposes Japanese Lawmakers Visiting Taiwan

Tue May 21 2024
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BEIJING: China’s embassy in Japan has said that it completely opposes Japan’s legislators visiting Taiwan and also expressed firm protests, western media reported on Tuesday.

In a statement, an embassy spokesperson said that the Japanese government and some political leaders ignored Beijing’s strong opposition and congratulated Taiwan’s Lai.

The development comes as Taiwan President Lai Ching-te has asked Beijing to stop its political and military threats, saying in his inauguration speech that peace was the only choice and that China had to respect the choice of the people of Taiwan.

Meanwhile, Taiwanese lawmakers clashed on Tuesday during a stormy parliamentary session, underlining the difficulties facing the new President Lai Ching-te. The session quickly descended into disorder, reflecting deep political divisions.

Just a day after Lai’s inauguration, the session was marked by politicians from both sides brandishing protest signs and engaging in heated arguments.

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