China Slams UK Arrests Over Alleged Hong Kong Spy Case

Mon May 13 2024
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LONDON: China accused Britain of “cooking up” charges after three suspects on Monday appeared before a UK court accused of assisting Hong Kong’s intelligence services, in the latest alleged espionage case in Europe.

The suspects were charged with aiding a foreign intelligence service, sparking vehement condemnation from China’s foreign affairs commissioner in Hong Kong.

The three men, identified as Chi Leung Wai, Matthew Trickett, and Chung Biu Yuen, all hailing from southeast England, were released on bail following a brief hearing. They are due to appear in court again on May 24th. The charges against them include assisting a foreign intelligence service and foreign interference, under the National Security Act implemented in 2023 to safeguard UK national security against perceived threats to democratic institutions, economy, and values.

The Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command confirmed the arrests, prompting a swift response from China. The Chinese foreign affairs commissioner in Hong Kong accused Britain of concocting charges and interfering in the internal affairs of Hong Kong. Strong warnings of retaliation were issued against the UK.

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