Committee Formed to Review Passport Policy for Married Women

Thu May 23 2024
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ISLAMABAD: Director General of Immigration and Passports, Mustafa Jamal Kazi, said on Thursday that a committee has been formed to revamp passport policy, particularly regarding the practice of listing a “married woman’s” passport under her husband’s name instead of her father.

Jamal Kazi told a private news channel that the committee was established to address discrepancies between the policies of the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) and the passport-issuing authority concerning married women. He emphasized concerns over perceived discrimination against women due to this disparity.

Explaining the rationale behind the current policy, Kazi highlighted the distinction between NADRA’s local registration and the international nature of passports, necessitating compliance with international agreements.

He pointed out the challenges faced by women when their passports display their father’s name, especially in scenarios where they travel with their children without the presence of the children’s father, which can complicate establishing biological relationships.

Moreover, Kazi acknowledged the legal complications arising from undisclosed divorces, leading to custody disputes. He stressed the importance of citizens adhering to the law by properly registering and declaring both marriages and divorces to avoid such complexities.

Highlighting a permissible solution, Kazi noted that it is legally acceptable for a married woman to include her husband’s name alongside her own in her passport.

“It is legal for a married woman to enter her husband’s name along with her own in the passport,” Kazi said, emphasizing the need for proper registration and documentation to avoid potential complications.

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