COMSTECH Opens Fellowship Applications for Refugee Scientists

Tue Nov 14 2023
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ISLAMABAD: The OIC Standing Committee on Scientific and Technical Cooperation is accepting applications for the first cycle of the “COMSTECH Science in Exile Fellowships Programme for Displaced and Refugee Scholars and Scientists” till December 15, 2023.

This fellowship programme aims to assist displaced and refugee scientists in staying current in their fields, maintaining meaningful careers, and being prepared to contribute to the rebuilding of their countries when conditions allow. Until then, these professionals can serve as valuable assets to the countries where they seek refuge.

The COMSTECH Science in Exile Fellowship Programme will grant scholarships to displaced and refugee scholars and scientists who have not yet found a safe and long-term host country, providing them with an opportunity to pursue studies or research at institutions or universities within the COMSTECH Consortium of Excellence (CCoE).

A total of 10 Research Fellowships and 10 Post-doctoral Research Fellowships are being offered for the year 2024 under the programme and will be hosted by COMSTECH Consortium of Excellence Member Universities/Research Institutions. Eligible nationalities for this programme include displaced/refugees from Afghanistan, Palestine, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

The maximum age limit for a Research Fellowship is 35 years, and for Post-Doc Research Fellowship, it is 45 years, with a duration of six months.

The minimum degree requirements are M.S/MSc for a Research Fellowship and PhD for a Post-Doc Research Fellowship in the relevant field of study. The areas of research include Agricultural Sciences, Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology, Biological Systems and Organisms, Medical and Health Sciences, including Neuroscience, Chemical Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Astronomy, Space and Earth Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, and Physics. The language of instruction is English.

Eligibility Criteria for COMSTECH Fellowships

Regarding scholarship terms, applicants must be displaced or refugee scholars and scientists currently residing in any OIC Member State, holding the right to live and study in the respective country, or able to travel to Pakistan. The programme is not suitable for scholars at risk who need specific assistance to leave their home country. Scholarship winners are responsible for arranging their own relocation logistics and safety.

Those traveling from outside Pakistan will be eligible for a one-time economy class return air ticket for the entire duration of the fellowship. Applicants holding citizenship or permanent residency in Pakistan or having a safe stay in other countries are not eligible.

The fellowships are offered for six months, and host institutions may provide free accommodation for Research Fellows and Post-Doc Research Fellows upon their requests.

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