Consumers to Get Solar Panels on Easy Instalments in Punjab

Mon Jul 08 2024
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LAHORE: The Punjab government has launched a ‘Roshan Gharana’ programme, in which electricity consumers using up to 500 units across the province will be able to get solar panels in easy instalments.

According to local media reports on Monday Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz summoned a meeting of the Punjab cabinet on Tuesday for formal approval of the ‘Roshan Gharana’ programme.

The scheme will provide solar panels to consumers using up to 500 units of electricity, with the government bearing 90 percent of the total cost and the consumer paying the remaining 10 percent.

The solar panels according to the programme, will be provided to customers in easy instalments over five years, with a lower instalment amount in the winter season.

The decision to start the ‘Roshan Gharana’ programme was taken to provide relief to consumers facing skyrocketing electricity bills and energy crisis. The government has planned to prioritise low-income households in its first phase.

CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz in a statement said that the government will not leave the public alone in difficult times.  “The government aims to mitigate the effects of past destruction and ensure that the public does not face such issues in the future”, she added.

In a first address after becoming Punjab Chief Minister, Maryam Nawaz unveiled her programme for the next five years, vowing to provide maximum relief to consumers using less than 300 units of electricity.

“I am working on a plan to provide solar panels in instalments to the consumers using up to 300 or below units of electricity,” she noted.

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