Culture Authority Launches Photography Competition to Document Dubai’s Beauty

Sat Apr 08 2023
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DUBAI: Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, in partnership with Nikon Middle East and with the support of the Sikka Platform, has announced the launch of a photography competition called ‘Shades of Dubai.’

The photography competition aims to provide a platform for emerging photography enthusiasts and professionals in the UAE to showcase their creativity and develop their skills in the fields of photography and creative production.

The photography competition is open to all emerging photographers and those interested in photography aged 15 and above, who are invited to submit photographs they have previously taken with their cameras.

The submitted photographs will be judged by a panel comprising a representative of Dubai Culture, a representative of Nikon, and Indian photographer Dr Mukesh Batra.

Selected photographers will be given the opportunity to employ their artistic visions in documenting Dubai’s beauty through the camera lens and provide inspiring shots that highlight the city’s landmarks and cultural attractions.

Nikon will loan selected artists professional tripods and cameras for the competition.

Dubai as global centre for culture

The competition is part of Dubai Culture’s efforts to consolidate the importance of photography as a creative visual art and to cement Dubai’s position as a vibrant cultural and tourist destination.

The participating artists will have the opportunity to display their photos in the ‘Shades of Dubai exhibition, scheduled to be held in the summer of 2023 at the Al Safa Art and Design Library.

Dr Saeed Mubarak bin Kharbash, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Arts and Literature Sector at Dubai Culture, said: “By launching the photography competition in partnership with Nikon, we aspire to discover, support, and nurture talents in the photographic arts to achieve future excellence and leadership in this field regionally, locally, and globally, helping us consolidate Dubai’s position as an international centre for culture, an incubator for creativity, and a thriving hub for talent and the global capital of the creative economy.”

The ‘Shades of Dubai photography competition is an opportunity for photography enthusiasts to showcase their creativity and highlight the beauty of Dubai through new eyes.

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