Diplomatic Reassurance: Kyrgyzstan’s Commitment to Foreign Student Safety

Sun May 19 2024
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Naveed Miraj & Shahid Qureshi

ISLAMABAD: His Excellency, Totuiaev Ulanbek Asankulovich, Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to Pakistan Clarifies Bishkek Situation. The Kyrgyz envoy addressed recent incidents in Bishkek involving foreign citizens, emphasizing that the situation is under control and urging the media to avoid spreading unverified information.

He referred to events on the night of May 18 where law enforcement agencies promptly responded, detaining both foreign nationals and local citizens involved. The envoy assured that public order and the safety of citizens were maintained.

He reported that Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan received no reports of serious injuries among citizens. The envoy reiterated that the situation was calm and secure, with all necessary measures taken to ensure peace and stability.

The envoy criticized the dissemination of false information by some media outlets and social networks, particularly in Pakistan. He urged the media and foreign diplomatic missions to refrain from spreading unverified and unrelated information, emphasizing that much of what was being reported did not reflect reality.

He reassured that the situation in Bishkek is stable and fully controlled by the Kyrgyz government. He stated that the safety of all foreign students and citizens is a priority and that authorities have taken all necessary steps to maintain order and security. He highlighted that more than 10,000 foreign students are currently in Kyrgyzstan, underscoring the country’s commitment to their well-being.

The envoy mentioned recent negotiations between foreign ministers and an agreement to meet on the sidelines of the SCO Ministerial Council summit on May 21. This engagement aims to further ensure the safety and security of foreign nationals in Kyrgyzstan.

Addressing the spread of false information, the envoy noted that some of the images circulating on social media were unrelated to the incidents in Bishkek. He questioned the motives behind such dissemination, emphasizing the importance of relying on verified facts.

He highlighted the deep cultural and historical ties between Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan, noting their similar mentalities and shared values. He expressed confidence that the situation would be resolved amicably and that the strong relationship between the two countries would endure.

The envoy confirmed that more than 15 people, including citizens from Kyrgyzstan and other countries like Egypt, have been arrested and are being held accountable for their involvement in the incidents. The Kyrgyz authorities are determined to ensure justice and prevent such events from recurring.

The envoy concluded by reassuring the public that the Kyrgyz government is committed to the safety and well-being of all foreign students and citizens. He urged everyone to remain calm and trust the authorities to handle the situation effectively.

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