Dominican Republic’s President Abinader Secures Re-election

Mon May 20 2024
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SANTO DOMINGO: Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader secured a second term in office with a commanding election win, endorsing his handling of the economy and tough policies toward migration from Haiti, results showed Monday.

Abinader’s decisive win underscored his enduring popularity among voters.

Abinader’s lead was evident, with over half of the ballots counted revealing a huge victory, garnering 51.74 percent of the total vote. His closest competitor, former president Leonel Fernandez, trailed significantly with 29.34 percent.

Notably, Abinader’s Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) was poised to secure a majority in Congress.

Addressing jubilant supporters at his campaign headquarters in the capital Santo Domingo, President Abinader acknowledged the trust placed in him by the electorate and pledged to fulfill his obligations diligently. He emphasized his commitment to continue serving the Dominican Republic with dedication and integrity.

Analysts attribute Abinader’s success to his tough stance on migration policies, particularly his initiatives to address undocumented migration from Haiti.

Nelson Espinal, a Dominican specialist in public litigation at Harvard, highlighted the significance of Abinader’s migration policies in bolstering his popularity, particularly in a conservative country like the Dominican Republic. Espinal noted that the precarious situation in Haiti underscored the importance of vigilant border control measures.

President Abinader, a US-trained economist and scion of a prominent family business empire, assumed office amidst the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic in 2020. Since then, he has prioritized restoring trust in the government and combating corruption while fostering economic growth and development.

Abinader’s achievements include the implementation of infrastructure projects, improvements in healthcare access, and initiatives to boost tourism, a vital sector of the Dominican economy.

Despite international pressure, Abinader’s firm stance on migration has garnered domestic approval ratings exceeding 70 percent. His policies have resonated with voters, who perceive him as a strong and decisive leader committed to safeguarding national interests.

President Abinader reiterated his commitment to not seek a third term.

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