Egyptians Cast Votes in Presidential Election as Sisi Expected to Secure Third Term

Mon Dec 11 2023
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CAIRO: Egyptians participated in a two-day presidential election, with incumbent President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi poised to secure a third term amid widespread celebrations and patriotic displays at polling stations.

The election, overshadowed by crises in Gaza and Egypt’s economic challenges, features Sisi as the frontrunner against three relatively unknown candidates. The election is taking place against the backdrop of Egypt’s worst-ever economic crisis and concerns about the cost of living, with voters prioritizing economic stability.

Local media showcased scenes of Egyptians celebrating outside polling stations, reflecting a sense of national pride. However, in many areas of Cairo, the only visible sign of the election was the prevalence of campaign posters for President Sisi. The incumbent president is running against Farid Zahran, Abdel-Sanad Yamama, and Hazem Omar, with results expected to be announced on December 18.

Egyptians Expect Measures to Address Economic Challenges

Supporters of Sisi expressed the need for a strong leader to navigate Egypt through the regional war in Gaza and safeguard national interests. The president’s supporters also called for measures to control the market and address economic grievances, including punishing merchants engaged in price gouging.

The economic crisis has significantly impacted ordinary Egyptians, with an annual inflation rate of 38.5 percent and severe foreign currency shortages. The Egyptian pound’s depreciation has contributed to economic challenges, leading to calls for the new president to address these concerns.

This election marks Sisi’s potential third and final term, as per the constitution, and the outcome is expected to reflect public sentiment.

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