EU Ministers Discuss Sanctions Against Israel Amid War in Gaza

Tue May 28 2024
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DUBLIN: Ireland’s Foreign Minister Micheal Martin has said that the European Union has for the first-time discussed placing sanctions against Israel over its war on Gaza.  Micheal Martin stated that the imposition of EU sanctions was discussed as a possible step to be taken if Israel does not comply with the ICJ’s order to halt its strike on Rafah, Irish public broadcaster RTE reported. According to the RTE, Martin suggested that Ireland would support sanctions against Israel.

“Certainly, if compliance is not forthcoming, then we have to consider every possible option,” Martin said.  The Minister said that it was the first time he had witnessed ministers of European Union hold a significant discussion on sanctions.

Martin further said that a number of foreign ministers had also raised the prospect of sanctions against Israeli personnel who were abetting and aiding violent West Bank settlers.

The development comes as Israel’s army continues to pound Rafah, targeting the Tal Za’roub, Tal as-Sultan, and al-Hashashin areas of the city, killing and wounding dozens of Palestinians.

The ongoing strikes come one night following Israeli troops bombed a tent camp housing displaced Palestinian people in a designated safe zone in Rafah, killing more than 40 people, mostly women and children. Gaza Health Ministry said that more than 36,050 Palestinian people have been killed and 81,026 injured in Israel’s war on Gaza since October 7.

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