Exercise Offers Health Benefits Beyond Weight Loss, Says Neurologist

Thu May 16 2024
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ISLAMABAD: Top neurologist Sudhir Kumar from Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals in Hyderabad has emphasized the health-related benefits associated with regular exercise, saying that exercise is beneficial for overall health, even if it does not lead to weight loss.

Citing a recent study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Kumar underscored the findings of researchers from Harvard University in the US, who demonstrated that physical activity yields significant benefits across various critical markers, independent of weight loss, particularly among obese adults.

In response to people who express frustration over a lack of significant weight loss despite exercising, the Neurologist encouraged perseverance. He advised against discontinuing exercise solely based on this metric. He emphasized that exercise should not be viewed solely as a means of achieving weight loss, but rather as a crucial component of overall health and well-being.

The Neurologist elaborated on the myriad health-related benefits associated with regular exercise, regardless of its impact on weight loss. These benefits include increased insulin sensitivity, reduction in blood pressure, HbA1C levels, and serum triglycerides, as well as improvements in HDL cholesterol levels, sleep quality, depressive symptoms, and cardiorespiratory fitness. Additionally, regular exercise contributes to lower risks of diabetes, stroke, and heart attack, while promoting muscle mass and strength.

Highlighting the broader implications of regular exercise, the Neurologist noted that it leads to lower risks of premature mortality, reduces healthcare-related expenditure, and increases healthy lifespan.

The health expert advised people not to discontinue exercising if weight loss is not observed. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy diet, particularly through carbohydrate restriction, in conjunction with regular physical activity for overall health and well-being.

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