Extreme Heat Forces Australian Couple Riding on 102-Year-Old Car to Stop Journey

Tue May 28 2024
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LAHORE: An elderly Australian couple, has to stop their worldwide journey in a 102-year-old car because of sweltering heat in Pakistan’s Jacobabad.

Lang and Bev, both in their 70s, began their adventure in London to finish in Melbourne. However, after reaching Jacobabad on May 23, they fell ill because of the unbearable heat.

Global media outlets have been closely following their journey, as they are traveling under the flag of FIVA, the international body for vintage automobiles.

Extreme Heat Forces Australian Couple Riding on 102 Year Old Car to Stop Journey 2 Extreme Heat Forces Australian Couple Riding on 102 Year Old Car to Stop Journey 1

Their adventurous journey has attracted attention in 100 countries, showing their dedication and passion for vintage cars and exploration.

Their coordinator, Mohsin Ikram, said that because of their health concerns, Lang and Bev decided to leave their antique car in Jacobabad.

Their open car would be transported on a truck to Lahore, while they would travel in a regular car. From Lahore, they are planning to cross into India through the Wagah Border and continue their journey.

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Lang and Bev Kidby are well-known for their adventurous journeys. Over the past 40 years, they have led expeditions in more than 80 countries, gaining a reputation for their remarkable travels.

Despite this setback, their journey is still an inspiring story of determination and passion for exploring the world in a vintage car.

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