Fact Check: Data does not Disclose Unauthorized Refugees Registering to Vote in US  

Fri Apr 05 2024
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WASHINGTON:   Some section of media claimed that Social Security Administration data suggest illegal migrants are registering to vote in Texas, Pennsylvania and Arizona.

However, election authorities in all three regions rejected the claimed and said the information being shared is completely incorrect. In fact, recent voter registrations in Texas, Pennsylvania and Arizona are well below the numbers being quoted online. The posts are distorting data from the SSA’s Help America Vote Verification system.

With 90 days remaining in the presidential primary season, various social media users are distorting government data to show that the US is seeing an increase in voter registrations by illegal migrants.

An official said that it is false that there are around 220,731 new registrants in Arizona, US since January 1 of suspect citizenship.

Similarly, Texas Secretary of State Jane Nelson stated that it is completely inaccurate that around 1.2 million voters have listed to vote in Texas without ID this year.

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