Fact Check: Emma Wall Receives One Vote in UK Elections

Sat Jul 06 2024
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LONDON:  An on-screen error during a live broadcast of Britain’s parliamentary election was screenshot and spread via social media to claim an independent candidate has received just one vote.

“Poor Emma Wall only got her own vote,” said a social media post sharing the screenshot on different platforms of social media, which referenced an independent candidate for the Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven constituency. However, the officials said that Emma Lucy Wall has received around 1,833 votes.

According to BBC, the chief executive of Brighton and Hove City Council announcing the result live at 5.38 am but showed the wrong figure in an on-screen graphic, that appeared seconds later.

The data also momentarily showed an incorrect count for Green Party’s Elaine Hills. It earlier stated that Hills received only seven votes and was updated to the correct 7,997.

Talking to media, a spokesperson for the Electoral Commission said that the Returning Officer for this constituency has uploaded the final results on the website and if people have any questions regarding the results, they should visit website.

Reports said that all the correct results are displayed on officials’ websites. The local officials said that Emma Wall received 1,833 votes and rejected the social media post about one vote.

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