Faisalabad Women University Delegation Visits Parliament House

Fri Nov 17 2023
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ISLAMABAD: Students and faculty members of the Government College Women University (GCWU) Faisalabad visited Pakistan’s Parliament House in the federal capital on Friday.

The delegation of 83 members explored the Senate Museum, where a documentary highlighting the historical significance of the Upper House of the Parliament was shown. 

During their visit, the Senate authorities briefed the delegation, covering various aspects such as the functioning, legislative processes, functions, and proceedings of the Senate. The members of the delegation showed particular interest in the statues of notable political figures and historical images showcased in the Senate Museum.

Parliament House Briefs Delegation

The primary objective of the visit was to acquaint the members of the Women’s University delegation with the operations of the Upper House, including its procedures, legislation, functions, and the conduct of Senate sessions.

The interaction with Senate authorities provided valuable insights into parliamentary processes, contributing to the educational experience of the delegation from Government College Women’s University.

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