Foreign Diplomats Visit Sialkot Chamber of Commerce

Thu May 23 2024
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SIALKOT: A delegation consisting of 35 foreign diplomats from small island developing states (SIDS) and least developed countries (LDCs) visited the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) on Thursday, engaging in comprehensive discussions with exporters on various areas of mutual interest.

Senior Vice President Wahub Jahangir and Vice President Amer Majeed Sheikh of SCCI, alongside the President of the Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sialkot, Dr. Maryam Nouman, extended a warm welcome to the distinguished guests.

Addressing the gathering at the SCCI auditorium, Senior Vice President Wahub Jahangir expressed appreciation for the opportunity to host the delegation, facilitated by the Foreign Services Academy. He stressed the importance of such gatherings in deepening understanding of Sialkot’s industrial landscape and the functioning of the Chamber.

Jahangir highlighted the potential for bolstering bilateral relations and trade connections between Pakistan and the represented nations, emphasizing the need to explore new avenues of economic cooperation for mutual benefit.

Recognizing the vital role of diplomatic channels in fostering cooperation between nations, Jahangir reaffirmed Pakistan’s commitment to nurturing productive relationships with all countries.

He expressed optimism that the bonds between Pakistan and the esteemed nations represented by the guests would continue to thrive, rooted in mutual trust and collaboration within the private sector.

Acknowledging the significant potential for trade growth between Pakistan and the visiting countries, Jahangir urged policymakers to promptly address existing disparities in trade volumes. He emphasized the importance of strengthening private sector ties through active involvement of chambers of commerce, including the exchange of trade delegations and participation in trade exhibitions.

Highlighting Sialkot’s dynamic Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) culture, Jahangir underscored the city’s noteworthy contributions to Pakistan’s economic progress. He highlighted exporters’ deep understanding of international trade regulations, resulting in an annual export value exceeding US$2.31 billion.

Jahangir also spotlighted SCCI’s commendable initiatives for social sector development and welfare, emphasizing the transformative impact of projects initiated by the chamber, such as the Sialkot International Airport, Sialkot Dryport Trust, and various other developmental endeavors.

In appreciation, Additional Secretary Muhammad Saleem of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs lauded SCCI for arranging the program. He commended Sialkot exporters for their efforts in leading social welfare and human development projects and recognized their role in establishing significant projects like the Sialkot International Airport Limited (SIAL).

The foreign diplomats expressed keen interest in SCCI’s documentary “Sialkot, the City of Progressive People,” which was screened during the meeting. SCCI President Abdul Ghafoor Malik later presented shields to the visiting diplomats as tokens of gratitude.

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