Four Indian Soldiers Killed in Shootout

Wed Apr 12 2023
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NEW DELHI: At least four Indian soldiers were killed in an early-morning shooting on Wednesday at a military camp in Punjab state.

Official said that a search operation for the shooters was had been launched. The number of shooters at the base in Bathinda city was unknown, a defence source told Reuters, declining to be named due to the situation’s sensitivity.

According to an army statement, four troops were killed due to bullet wounds sustained during the early-morning shooting. The statement did not mention the circumstances of the incident or any other information regarding the perpetrators.

According to Reuters, the event occurred at a canteen and was “not a terror attack,” according to a senior police official in Punjab named S.P.S. Parmar. According to the army statement, the base has been blocked off, and a joint investigation with the local police is ongoing. It further stated that no more injuries or property damage had been reported.

The army stated it was investigating “all factors, including the potential case of involvement of an (assault) rifle coupled with 28 bullets reported lost two days ago.”

Images from Reuters partner ANI showed security officers stationed outside the boundary wall and barriers on the road in front of the military station’s gates.

An earlier army statement said the incident occurred at 4:35 a.m. (2305 GMT Tuesday).

The military base, about 280 km (175 miles) northwest of New Delhi, houses mostly families of soldiers. The border with Pakistan is about 100 km (62 miles) west of Bathinda.

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