Four Killed in Coal Mine Accident in South Poland

Wed Nov 29 2023
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WARSAW: At least four people were killed in a coal mine accident in the Silesia province in south Poland, reported by the state mining authority (WUG).

According to WUG, the incident occurred in the Sobieski coal mine, situated 600 meters underground in Jaworzno, Silesia province.

Piotr Strzoda, a WUG dispatcher, explained that the accident transpired during the water filling of the backfill pipeline, where a six-person brigade was designated for the task.

“An uncontrolled rupture occurred during the water filling of the pipeline, leading to the deaths of three people at the scene. Subsequently, it was reported that a fourth person had also succumbed,” quoted the dispatcher from the Polish Press Agency. Two others injured in the unfortunate incident were hospitalized.

The Tauron Wydobycie company, owner of the mine, issued a statement confirming the tragic deaths of four workers. The rescue operation concluded around 8:35 p.m. local time (1935 GMT).

The backfill pipeline, responsible for filling voids created by coal mining, employs a mixture of water with non-toxic solid materials such as ashes, sand, and inert rocks.



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