Hania Aamir Denies Relationship Rumors with Rapper Badshah

Sat May 25 2024
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ISLAMABAD: Pakistani actress Hania Aamir has categorically denied any romantic involvement with Indian rapper and singer Badshah, asserting that reports suggesting otherwise are entirely unfounded.
In an interview that garnered attention across social media platforms, Hania Aamir discussed various topics, including the nature of her association with Badshah. A viral clip from the interview captured her clarifying the nature of their interaction, emphasizing that it was merely a casual interaction and not indicative of a romantic relationship.
Expressing her dismay at the spread of false information, Hania emphasized that she was taken aback by the baseless rumors linking her romantically to Badshah. She clarified that their interaction stemmed from a comment the Indian artist made on one of her Instagram reels, which prompted her to initiate a direct message exchange with him.
According to Hania, their interaction was limited to exchanging pleasantries, and any insinuation of a deeper connection was wrong. She lamented the tendency for such rumors to proliferate, particularly in light of her unmarried status, asserting that marital status should not be a basis for spreading unfounded gossip.
The origins of these rumors trace back to viral videos and images depicting Hania Aamir and Badshah interacting in UAE in December 2023. Subsequent discussions on social media fueled speculation about the nature of their relationship.

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