Heroic Efforts to Save Burnt Animals in Southeastern Turkey

Wed Jul 10 2024
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MAZIDAGI, Turkiye: In southeastern Turkiye, Hasan Kizil has taken on the challenging task of caring for animals severely affected by a recent fire.

The blaze, which devastated areas like Diyarbakir and Mardin, claimed numerous lives and left over 1,000 sheep and goats dead due to burns and injuries.

Hasan Kizil, a dedicated breeder, has been selflessly treating these traumatized animals, providing essential medical care, and persuading farmers not to sell their injured livestock to slaughterhouses.

Despite the heavy burden of debt and personal expenses, Hasan continues his daily rounds, monitoring the animals’ recovery progress and ensuring they receive proper care. His commitment goes beyond financial concerns, driven by a deep compassion for his animals and a sense of responsibility to his community.

He has become a local hero, known not only for his veterinary skills but also for his humanitarian efforts during past disasters, such as the 2023 earthquake.

The local response to Hasan’s efforts has been supportive, with veterinarians and volunteers from various cities joining him to provide additional aid. The municipality of Diyarbakir has opened its shelters to house injured animals, while clinics in cities like Izmir, Adana, and Istanbul have also pitched in with medical assistance.

Despite the ongoing challenges, Hasan remains hopeful about the recovery of the animals, particularly those with severe injuries like burnt udders. His story underscores the resilience of the local farming community and the profound bond between humans and animals in times of crisis.






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