Hezbollah Strikes Israeli Military Positions in Retaliation

Wed May 15 2024
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BEIRUT: Lebanon’s Hezbollah group said it launched dozens of rockets at north Israel military positions Wednesday in retaliation for the killing of one of its members, whom Israel identified as a field commander, AFP reported.

Hezbollah fighters targeted the Meron base with “dozens of Katyusha rockets, heavy rockets, and artillery shells,” while also aiming at a barracks with “heavy rockets,” the group stated. These attacks, according to Hezbollah, were in response to the assassination carried out by Israel the previous day.

Israel’s army confirmed that sirens sounded in Meron on Wednesday but provided no further details about the attacks.

The slain Hezbollah member, Hussein Makki, was identified as a senior field commander responsible for planning and executing several attacks against Israeli military and territory. The Israeli army stated that Makki had previously served as the commander of Hezbollah’s forces in the coastal region.

Initial reports from Lebanon’s National News Agency indicated that two people were killed in an “enemy drone strike” targeting a car on the Tyre-Al-Hush main road. However, a source close to Hezbollah clarified that while Makki was killed, another person was injured, AFP reported.

The cross-border violence between Israel and Lebanon has resulted in significant casualties on both sides. According to an AFP tally, over 412 people, mostly civilians, have been killed in Lebanon during more than seven months of conflict. On the Israeli side, 14 soldiers and 10 civilians have been reported killed.

The ongoing violence has also led to the displacement of tens of thousands of people on both sides of the border, further exacerbating the humanitarian situation in the region.

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