Hungary and China Forge Closer Ties Under Belt and Road Initiative

Sun May 05 2024
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BUDAPEST, Hungry: Hungarian Minister for National Economy, Marton Nagy, expressed his commitment to strengthening cooperation with China under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) framework in the coming decade.

Hungary, as the first European country to sign a BRI cooperation agreement with China, aims to continue fostering strong bilateral relations through high-quality projects. These collaborations span various sectors including infrastructure, new energy, trade, and digital technology, benefiting both nations.

Experts at a conference in Budapest highlighted the significance of mutual respect, practical cooperation, and cultural exchanges in enhancing China-Hungary ties.

As the two countries commemorate the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations, they anticipate further advancements in Belt and Road cooperation, marking the beginning of another “golden decade.” Hungary’s strategic position in Central and Eastern Europe positions it as a vital platform for Chinese businesses to access the European Union market.

The successful integration of Hungary’s “Opening to the East” policy with the Belt and Road Initiative underscores the potential for strengthened economic ties. Media cooperation is deemed crucial in promoting cultural understanding and enhancing bilateral economic relations. As both nations embark on this journey, they aim to achieve lasting common values and create a brighter future through practical cooperation and fruitful results.

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