In Ten Raids ANF Seizes 287kg Drugs

Mon May 13 2024
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RAWALPINDI: Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) while conducting 10 operations across Pakistan, managed to recover 287 kg of drugs and arrested 16 accused, said an ANF Headquarters spokesperson on Monday.

Among the notable seizures, a shipment bound for the UK containing 8,400 intoxicating tablets was intercepted at a courier office in Rawalpindi.

Additionally, 108 kg of hashish, 3.6 kg of opium, and 2 kg of Ice were seized from an individual near Expressway Islamabad. Another operation led to the recovery of 72 kg of hashish from a suspect along Ring Road Peshawar.

In separate incidents, 48 kg of hashish was found near M-1 Islamabad, while 24 kg of opium was seized from three individuals near Kala Shah Kaku Toll Plaza Sheikhupora.

Further, 12 kg of hashish was retrieved from two suspects in Sohrab Goth Karachi, and 8 kg of hashish from two accused in Tondojam Hyderabad. Additionally, 5.8 kg of hashish was confiscated from five suspects in G9 Islamabad.

Furthermore, 2 kg of opium was seized from a drug smuggler near Burhan Interchange Attock, and 105 grams of Ice from a suspect apprehended near a university in Islamabad. The arrested individuals have been charged under the Anti-Narcotics Act, with investigations ongoing.

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