Innocent Palestinians Have Been Killed: US Vice President Calls for Restraint

Sun Dec 03 2023
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Dubai: US Vice President Kamala Harris has said that too many innocent Palestinians have been killed in Gaza as Israeli artillery and war planes bombarded the strip on Saturday after the collapse of a truce between Hamas and Israel.

Israeli air strikes have targeted buildings in Hamad City, a Qatari-funded housing development on the outskirts of Khan Younis in Gaza, Arab media reported on Saturday. Hamad City was Inaugurated in Gaza in 2016. The first flats over 1,000 were given to Palestinian people whose house were destroyed in the war between Hamas and Israel two years earlier.

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The strikes came at almost just the same time Israeli negotiators pulled out of ceasefire talks in Doha, Qatar. Deputy Hamas chief Saleh Al-Arouri said that talks on prisoner exchanges are now over and will not resume until Israel stops it assault and hands over all Palestinian detainees. In an interview with Arab media, he said that no more prisoners would be exchanged with Israel until there was a truce in the Gaza Strip. Saleh al-Arouri said there would be no prisoner-captive swap as long as the attack on Gaza continues. He said that they are not holding talks now over ceasefire. There will be no prisoner exchange until the hostility ends and there is a definitive and comprehensive truce,”.

Innocent Palestinians Have Been Killed: Kamala Harris

Health Ministry in Gaza said more than 193 Palestinian people have been killed since the ceasefire ended on Friday. It added that over 15,000 Palestinian people mostly women and children dead since the start of the war between Hamas and Israel.

Speaking in Dubai, UAE Kamala Harris said that too many innocent Palestinian people have been killed in the Gaza Strip and insisted that Israel must respect humanitarian law. She told the reports, “Honestly, the scale of civilian population suffering, and the pictures and videos coming from the Gaza, are very devastating,”.

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Similarly, US Defense Chief Lloyd Austin on Saturday asked Israel to protect civilian population as it battles Hamas in the Gaza Strip. He added that the protection of civilian population is necessary for win in the urban war.

His remarks come as was between Hamas and Israel restarted the day before following a week-long truce between the two parties collapsed. He also shared his experience in Iraq at Reagan National Defense Forum in California. He said that the lesson is that “you can only win in urban warfare by shielding civilian population”.

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