Iraq Court Sentences Daesh Leader’s Widow to Death

Wed Jul 10 2024
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BAGHDAD: An Iraqi court has sentenced to death a widow of slain Daesh leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi on charges of detaining Yazidi women, the judiciary on Wednesday said.

The wife of the Baghdadi was brought back to Iraq after being detained in Turkiye, judicial sources told AFP on the condition of anonymity as they were not allowed to speak to the press.

The Supreme Judicial Council on its website said the Karkh criminal court sentenced to death the wife of the terrorist Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi for working with the Daesh terrorist group and detaining a Yazidi woman in her home.

It said she detained the Yazidis who were abducted by Daesh fighters in the Sinjar district of northern Iraq. She was identified as Asma Mohammed by a judicial source.

The US in October 2019 announced that its troops had killed Baghdadi in an operation in northwestern Syria, five years after he proclaimed a caliphate in some parts of Syria and neighboring Iraq.

During their rule, the IS singled out the non-Muslim Yazidis, systematically killed thousands of men and forced women into sexual slavery.

Over several years, Iraqi courts have awarded hundreds of death sentences as well as life prison terms under the penal code for membership in a terrorist group. According to reports more than 500 foreign men and women were found guilty of joining Daesh.

Iraq in February announced it had secured the repatriation of the family of Baghdadi from Turkiye. In November 2019, Turkiye said it had apprehended the wife of Baghdadi.

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