IRSA Releases Water From Different Rim Stations

Wed May 15 2024
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ISLAMABAD: The release of 178,600 cusecs of water from multiple rim stations was declared by the Indus River System Authority (IRSA), matching an inflow of 217,200 cusecs.

As per IRSA’s data, the water level in the River Indus at Tarbela Dam stood at 1471.00 feet, marking a significant increase of 73.00 feet above its dead level of 1,398 feet. The dam recorded an inflow and outflow of 58,100 cusecs and 36,200 cusecs, respectively.

Meanwhile, the water level in the River Jhelum at Mangla Dam reached 1173.95 feet, surpassing its dead level of 1,050 feet by 123.95 feet. The inflow and outflow of water at Mangla Dam were reported as 58,700 cusecs and 42,000 cusecs, respectively.

Further downstream, the release of water from various points along the river system was as follows: 126,500 cusecs at Kalabagh, 89,200 cusecs at Taunsa, 44,300 cusecs at Guddu, and 13,500 cusecs at Sukkur. Additionally, 69,200 cusecs of water were released from River Kabul at Nowshera, and 16,700 cusecs were released from River Chenab at Marala.

These releases and levels provide crucial insights into the management of water resources and navigation along the Indus River System, ensuring the sustainable utilization of water for various purposes across the region.

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