Is Cartoon Network Closing Down?

Tue Jul 09 2024
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NEW YORK: The hashtag #RIPCartoonNetwork has recently started trending on X, sparking concerns among fans about the network’s future.  Given the entertainment industry’s constant flux, movie and TV enthusiasts are always on edge for potential bad news. But is there any truth in these news?

Is #RIPCartoonNetwork Trending because the network is shutting down?

According the company, Cartoon Network is not shutting down. The network remains operational, and there have been no recent layoffs to prompt the #RIPCartoonNetwork trend. However, it does not mean that the network does face challenges. Both Cartoon Network and Warner’s have experienced a slump since the merger with Discovery. Warner Bros Discovery Inc. stock has dropped significantly from an all-time high of $24.88 just after the merger to a current low of $7.11.

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CEO David Zaslav has made several unpopular decisions, some of which seem counterproductive. The conglomerate’s reputation has suffered due to controversial moves like renaming HBO Max to Max, removing content from the streaming service, canceling shows for tax write-offs, and more.

Despite these issues, Cartoon Network isn’t going anywhere. New programming is also in the pipeline, including “The Amazing World of Gumball: The Series,” and spin-offs of “Adventure Time,” “Regular Show,” and “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends” are in process.

While Cartoon Network has faced setbacks from post-COVID and merger-related cutbacks, it’s not shutting down. Although there are valid criticisms of how the company is being managed, it will likely be a long time before we genuinely have to say #RIPCartoonNetwork. Fans can rest assured that CN is safe for now, continuing to operate and adapt amidst industry changes.

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