Israeli Military Confirms Friendly Fire Killed Five Soldiers in Gaza

Thu May 16 2024
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TEL AVIV, Israel: Israeli military confirmed on Thursday that five soldiers were killed the previous day in the northern Gaza Strip due to friendly fire.

This incident occurred amidst the resumption of intense fighting in the Israel-Hamas conflict over the past few days.

The military spokesperson, responding to media reports, affirmed that the five fatalities reported earlier were indeed caused by Israeli fire.

The soldiers lost their lives “in battle” on Wednesday, as stated by the army, although specific details regarding the circumstances leading to their deaths were not provided.

These recent casualties bring the total number of Israeli troops killed in the Gaza military campaign since the commencement of the ground offensive on October 27 to 278, underscoring the continued toll of the conflict.

The northern Gaza Strip has been a focal point of renewed clashes, with the Israeli army citing efforts by Hamas to rebuild its military capabilities, despite previous assertions of dismantling the group’s command structure in the area.

Reports indicate fierce battles and heavy Israeli bombardments in areas such as the Jabalia refugee camp and the Nuseirat camp in northern Gaza. These clashes intensified following the commencement of a targeted operation focusing on the southern city of Rafah in early May.

The resurgence of violence underscores the persistent challenges for civilians caught in the crossfire of the conflict.

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