Kazakhstan’s Romantic Comedy ‘Taptym au seni’ Sets Box Office Record

Wed Dec 13 2023
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ASTANA: The romantic comedy “Taptym au seni” (Finally, Found You), directed by Dariga Badykova, has achieved a remarkable box office milestone in Kazakhstan, surpassing KZT1 billion in just 10 days. The film, starring Olzhas Abai (Ochooou) and Dariga Badykova, has set a new record as the highest-grossing film in the country.

From December 1 to 10, “Taptym au seni” earned KZT1 billion at the box office, signaling its immense popularity and success among audiences. The film’s achievement suggests it is well on its way to reaching additional box office milestones in Kazakhstan.

The romantic comedy revolves around childhood friends Saule and Zheksen. Zheksen’s grandmother urges Saule to find a girlfriend for her grandson, with the condition that their friendship should not be affected.

Film’s Popularity in Kazakhstan’s Cinema

Zheksen’s life undergoes a significant transformation after he finally finds a girlfriend, leading to a strain in his relationship with Saule. As the plot unfolds, Saule, feeling upset, begins dating café owner Yusuf. The film explores the complexities of relationships as Zheksen decides to marry a girl named Alka.

The success of “Taptym au seni” reflects the popularity of Kazakh cinema and the audience’s enthusiasm for locally produced romantic comedies. The film’s achievement not only establishes a box office record but also highlights the talent of Dariga Badykova as both a director and an actor in the movie.

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