Korrozia Metalla Band Members Arrest  Sparks Controversy over Nazi Symbols

Sun Apr 28 2024
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MOSCOW: Three members of the renowned Russian metal band, Korrozia Metalla, found themselves in the midst of controversy as they were arrested during a concert on Saturday and charged with displaying “Nazi symbols,” authorities revealed.

The arrested band members, aged 19, 42, and 57, faced accusations of “propaganda or public exposition of Nazi accessories or symbols,” according to regional police in Nijni-Novgorod, a western city in Russia.

In a statement, police elaborated that the arrest took place with the assistance of the national guard during a performance at one of Nijni-Novgorod’s clubs. The alleged offence typically incurs penalties such as fines or short periods of administrative detention, with police mentioning the confiscation of T-shirts and books featuring banned symbols.

However, band leader Maria Rounova countered the allegations, asserting that the motifs in question were “old Slavic symbols” rather than Nazi imagery, as reported by state news agency TASS.

Videos circulated on social media depicted security forces interrupting the concert and compelling attendees to lie down on the floor, sparking debates over freedom of expression and government overreach.

The incident occurred against the backdrop of heightened government scrutiny on dissent in Russia, particularly following the country’s involvement in the Ukraine conflict over two years ago. The crackdown on free expression has intensified, raising concerns about the erosion of civil liberties and democratic principles.

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