Kyrgyz Deputy Prime Minister Vows Justice Following Hooligan Attack on University

Tue May 21 2024
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BISHKEK: Kyrgyz Deputy Prime Minister Edil Baisalov has vowed justice after hooligan attack on university Bishkek. He made the pledge during a visit to the university. It is noteworthy that in a shocking turn of events in Bishkek, the International University of Kyrgyzstan’s Faculty of Medicine dormitory was subjected to an attack by hooligans on the night of 18th May.

Addressing the foreign students and staff affected by the incident, he expressed his sympathies, apologized for the violence, and reassured them that such actions are not representative of Kyrgyz hospitality and culture.

He affirmed the commitment of the officials to the safety and well-being of the foreign students. He also announced that law enforcement agencies are carrying out a thorough probe into the incident to ensure justice is served.

The visit came in the wake of a protest against foreign students that broke out on 17th May and ended the following morning after police intervention. The Ministry of Health said that 29 people were wounded in the protests.

The Deputy PM was accompanied by Hasan Ali Zaigham, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, and Asylbek Aidaraliev, the President of the International University of Kyrgyzstan.

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