Minister Condemns Attempt to Spread Unrest in Sargodha

Sun May 26 2024
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ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, Chaudhry Salik Hussain, expressed regret over the recent attempt to incite unrest in Sargodha.

In a statement issued from his office, the minister condemned the alleged blasphemy accusation and the ensuing disturbances.

Chaudhry Salik Hussain commended the swift response of the Punjab Police and other law enforcement agencies in maintaining peace during the incident. He underscored that reacting hastily to rumors is contrary to religious teachings.

“There is a proper law in Pakistan to deal with blasphemy and hatred,” stated the minister. He warned that individuals who take the law into their own hands will face consequences, reiterating that the State of Pakistan guarantees the security of all its citizens, regardless of their religion.

The minister highlighted that the constitution of Pakistan and the principles set by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah serve as guiding lights for the nation. He acknowledged the significant role played by religious leaders in promoting harmony within society.

Chaudhry Salik Hussain called for unity in countering any attempts to spread hatred, religious intolerance, and defame Pakistan on social media. He emphasized the importance of maintaining peace, respecting the law, and fostering religious harmony in the country.

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