Murree Gears Up for New Year’s Influx: Comprehensive Plan in Action

Sun Dec 31 2023
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RAWALPINDI: As the New Year approaches, the Murree district administration, under the directives of Commissioner Rawalpindi Division Liaquat Ali Chatta, has implemented a robust plan to facilitate tourists visiting the picturesque region.

Thirteen centers have been established at strategic locations, including Satara Meel, Lower Topa, GPO, and Kashmir Point, to cater to the needs of visitors during the snowfall season.

In adherence to the Murree Contingency Plan, an additional 140 traffic police personnel have been deployed to address the perennial issue of traffic congestion, a major concern for Murree.

Recognizing the pivotal role of law enforcement in managing the influx, the Commissioner emphasized the importance of swift preparations and suggested the appointment of a dedicated District Police Officer (DPO) for Murree.

Anticipating a surge in tourist arrivals on New Year’s Night, the administration received instructions to expedite preparations and ensure the presence of all relevant officials on duty.

To enhance communication and guidance for tourists, 13 Variable Message Signs (SMDs) have been activated within Murree, displaying public service messages. A 24/7 helpline, managed by the Tourism Department, has been established to provide real-time updates on weather and traffic conditions.

The 17 Mile Toll Plaza is equipped with digital counting technology to monitor incoming vehicles, and 26 CCTV cameras installed on main roads ensure continuous surveillance of the traffic situation.

Deputy Commissioner Murree, Agha Zaheer Abbas Shirazi, affirmed that all departments are on high alert in anticipation of forecasted snowfall.

In a bid to address parking challenges, a consultant has been engaged to assess the feasibility of a parking plaza, and Traffic Police Murree has secured the frequency of FM 88.6 for enhanced communication. A dedicated website is in development to offer tourists comprehensive information, including weather updates, traffic conditions, hotel details, and other essential insights.

With warning boards, information displays, and a proactive approach, Murree is poised to manage the New Year’s influx efficiently, ensuring a memorable experience for visitors while addressing logistical challenges.

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