NA Session: Tariq Bashir Cheema Condemns Wheat Import as ‘Criminal Negligence’

Thu May 16 2024
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ISLAMABAD: During the National Assembly session discussing the presidential address on Thursday, Member National Assembly Tariq Bashir Cheema criticized the focus of the speech, calling it irrelevant.

Cheema highlighted the issue of wheat, emphasizing the unprecedented challenges faced by farmers. He condemned the mistreatment of farmers, stating it was unlike anything seen in history.

Amid Cheema’s speech, Iqbal Afridi, another member, interjected with a comment. An exchange ensued as Cheema responded, urging Afridi to remain silent and stressing the urgency of wheat procurement.

Cheema highlighted that after import, wheat is immediately supplied to the respective provinces according to their demand.

He criticized the decision to import wheat, labeling it as “criminal negligence.”

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