Nadia Jamil Reveals Being Harassed by a ‘Very Famous Director’

Tue Jul 09 2024
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ISLAMABAD: Renowned Pakistani actress Nadia Jamil has opened up about her experience of workplace harassment in the entertainment industry, saying that she was subjected to misconduct by a ‘very famous’ director in the industry.

Speaking candidly on actor-model Iffat Omar’s podcast ‘Say It All’, Nadia Jamil chose not to name the director directly but emphasized the impact of the incident on her career decisions. “Yes, I was harassed in the industry, by a very famous director,” she revealed during the conversation.

Nadia Jamil said that following the incident, she has been particularly cautious about the projects she associates herself with, aiming to steer clear of any environment that could potentially expose her to similar situations. She recounted an instance where actor Naumaan Ijaz approached her for a project, but upon learning of the director’s involvement, she promptly declined the offer. “It’s not worth putting myself in any position where there are toxic people around me. It’s better to stay away from them,” she asserted.

Reflecting on her decision not to name the director earlier, Nadia Jamil expressed regret, stating, “I haven’t even named him ever, but now that I think about it, I should have. Because if I did not, he’d continue to do the same thing with so many other girls, which is wrong.”

Nadia Jamil further elaborated on her decision-making process, mentioning that she plans to disclose the director’s identity when her sons are older and better equipped to understand and handle such sensitive matters. “My sons are still angry young boys, and too young to handle the situation like this,” she explained.


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