NATO Members Bordering Russia to Set Up “Drone Wall” For Defence Purposes: Lithuania

Sat May 25 2024
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VILNIUS: Lithuania said on Friday that the Baltic state and five other NATO members neighbouring Russia had agreed to build a “drone wall” to defend their borders against “provocations”.

The plan to use drones for protection was approved amid security concerns in the region amid Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Interior Minister Agne Bilotaite announced the plan after talks with her counterparts from the Baltic countries of Estonia and Latvia, as well as Finland, Norway and Poland.

“This is a completely new thing, a drone wall stretching from Norway to Poland, and the goal is to use drones and other technologies to protect our borders,” BNS news agency quoted her as saying.

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She further said that not only physical infrastructure, surveillance systems, but also drones and other technologies would be used that would allow them to protect from provocations from enemy countries and prevent smuggling.

In addition to deploying drones to monitor borders, the countries would also use anti-drone systems to stop enemy UAVs.

Bilotaite, however, did not give a time frame for the plan.

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