North Korea Condemns Trilateral Summit Discussion on Denuclearisation As ‘Grave Political Provocation’

Mon May 27 2024
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PYONGYANG, North Korea: North Korea declared on Monday that the recent discussions on denuclearising the Korean peninsula at a summit involving Beijing, Tokyo, and Seoul amounted to a “grave political provocation.”

The statement, issued by a foreign ministry spokesperson and published by state media, emphasized that such discussions infringe upon North Korea’s constitutional status as a nuclear weapons state.

“To discuss the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula today constitutes a grave political provocation,” the spokesperson asserted. The statement went on to say that these conversations are against our nation’s constitutional status as a nuclear weapons state.

The summit between China, Japan, and South Korea, aimed at addressing regional stability and denuclearisation, has clearly struck a nerve with North Korea, which sees its nuclear arsenal as integral to its national identity and security. North Korea’s reaction underscores the continuing challenges and geopolitical tensions surrounding nuclear disarmament in the region.


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