Over 1000 Smoke-Emitting Vehicles Fined in November

Tue Nov 28 2023
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PESHAWAR: To counter air pollution and smog, Vehicle Emission Testing Stations (VETS), in collaboration with the traffic police and the Transport department, conducted examinations of 3,314 vehicles in the provincial capital Peshawar this month, scrutinizing them for toxic smoke emissions.

Fines were imposed on the owners of 1,004 vehicles, and documents for 654 cars were impounded due to harmful emissions. Warnings were issued to several other vehicle owners.

The Transport Department’s data revealed that the VESTS mobile laboratory routinely inspects various types of vehicles, including private cars, auto rickshaws, taxis, and large vehicles, daily across different roads in the provincial capital. Simultaneously, regional offices extend these tests to major districts within the province.

In the current month alone, regional offices checked 6,521 vehicles across the province, resulting in fines for 3,826 vehicle owners. Additionally, documents for 799 vehicles were collected, and their owners were instructed to undergo smoke checks at the VETS laboratory after rectifying emission issues.

The comprehensive statistics for November indicated that 9,835 vehicles underwent examination across the province. Among them, fines were imposed on owners of 4,830 vehicles, and documents for 1,453 vehicles were impounded. —APP



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