Pak, China to Jointly Fight Soil Heavy Metal Pollution

Wed Oct 25 2023
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BEIJING: To promote a joint research project on rice safety production technology and heavy metal tracing in cadmium-polluted rice fields, a delegation of experts from China from the Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhejiang Institute of Geosciences, and Zhejiang University visited Pakistan.

The primary objective of this project is to address the issue of heavy metal pollution in agricultural soil by using China’s research findings and expertise in remediation.

This project will work to reduce pollution sources and mitigate associated risks. As part of this endeavor, Pakistan will benefit from introducing innovative products like foliar inhibitors and soil conditioners.

During their visit, the delegation engaged in productive discussions and knowledge sharing with prominent Pakistani institutions, including the National Agricultural Research Center (NARC) and various universities.

According to a report by China Economic Net (CEN), the delegation also participated in an academic seminar focused on preventing and controlling soil heavy metals.

During the seminar, Dr. Lu Xinzhe from the Zhejiang Institute of Geosciences shed light on the sources and risk assessment of soil heavy metals.

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This visit fostered a valuable exchange of knowledge and data collection and strengthened the implementation of the Pak-China joint research project.

It is an essential step in attaining the project’s primary objectives, which include ensuring the safety of rice production, enhancing soil quality, and promoting the adoption of relevant products and technologies in Pakistan. —APP

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