Pak-China Trade: Khunjerab Pass Sees 110% Surge in Cross-Border Traffic

Tue Jul 09 2024
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BEIJING: The Khunjerab Pass in Xinjiang, China, has seen a significant increase in cross-border traffic in the first half of this year, with 21,000 travelers—a 110% rise compared to the previous year.

On June 11, the port recorded its highest daily clearance of 1,123 travelers, setting a new record.

Chinese media reported on Tuesday that the Khunjerab Border Inspection Station, managed by the Xinjiang Entry-Exit Border Inspection General Station, credits this surge to the growing number of Pakistani traders and cross-border tourists.

The increased travel interest among Chinese visitors has been spurred by the National Immigration Administration’s updated entry-exit management policies, which have introduced several facilitation measures.

Pakistani merchants are actively transporting goods such as pine nuts, herbs, copperware, carpets, and jade crafts into China for sale, while bringing back daily essentials to Pakistan.

As the only land port connecting China and Pakistan, the Khunjerab Pass plays a crucial role in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Located approximately 270 kilometers from Gilgit and 870 kilometers from Islamabad, its strategic geographic position makes it a vital hub for international trade and cross-border tourism between the two countries.

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